About TIC

First and foremost, TIC stands for "Threatening Intellectual Clique".

You may be asking yourself what this means and how we came up with the name? TIC started as a group of friends, many of which knew each other from souther Idaho (Boise area). Many of the people in this loosely organized group of friends found their way to the University of Idaho. That group of friends found other friends met other people from various places like Washington and Alaska. The group continues to be "loosely organized" and still tends to grow slowly.

Much of group live in the "UI Residences" (ie the dorms). After McConnell hall was remodeled, a substantial portion of the group moved there and many of the "gatherings" happened there. Most of the gatherings were Saturday night dinners, movies, card games, board games, and Sunday Rice night (this usually happened in Upham or Gault). The "gatherings" were never exclusive, but still others saw the group as being somehow exclusive. One such person (someone help me out here) noticed this and called the group a "Threatening Intellectual Clique". The group really had no name and to set up mailing lists and discuss group activites we needed one. That is how "TIC" was born and why after the first wave of graduations, we decided to purchase the domain "vTIC.net".

The group is now scattered in various places (Boise Idaho, Seattle Washington, Silicon Valley, Spokane, Moscow Idaho, etc). We try to get together when possible, but much of the group contact is now via email.

So, you probably don't really want to see pictures of TIC, and many of the members of TIC don't want you to see the pictures either. To defeat both sets of wishes in one fell move, here you go:
TIC in the basement of McConnell hall spring of 1998.
TIC in front of the Jessie's house spring of 1999.
TIC at Matt & Kim's wedding in September of 1999.

Lester Igo
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